Ice Rink Hire Periods

Ice rink hire for the whole family
Outdoor Ice Rink hire worldwide.
Outdoor Ice Rink Hire in the snow at Christmas

If you’re looking for Ice Rink Hire Periods for a single event, multi day or semi-permanent basis, Hi5 Events will have a package to suit your requirements.

With the unique way our Ice Rinks connect we can build these on any surface which includes grass and hard standing, indoors or out. As the Ice Rinks are meter modular we can build these any size to suit the venue or client’s requirements i.e. 5mx16m (80m2)

What size Ice Rink?

Standard Ice Rink sizes are.

 Rink Size (M)  Total Skating Area (M2)  Install Time (Hrs)  Max Skaters at 1 Time  Staff Required Rental Skates Barrier System  Penguin Skate Aid  Bench Seating Rink Lighting  PA System
 9×8  72  3  25  2  60  Yes  3  Yes  Yes  Yes
 10×10  100  4  35  2  90  Yes  4  Yes   Yes  Yes
 12×12  144  5  50  3  120  Yes  5   Yes   Yes  Yes
 12×16  192  6  70  4  150  Yes  6   Yes   Yes  Yes
 20×15  300  7  100  5  192  Yes  8   Yes   Yes  Yes

Short Term Ice Rink Hire

We class Short Term Ice Rink Hire for Rental periods between one and seven consecutive days. We offer our Ice Rinks for Hire for a single day, weekend or a week inside or out. If you’re unsure if your planned location is suitable please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Long Term Ice Rink Hire

We are extremely competitive with the long-term Hire market of Ice Rinks along with the extra services and infrastructure we can provide. Long term Hire is classed from between 7 and up to a semi-permanent installation. As a price guide the weekly Hire rate is a lot more competitive the longer the Hire as the main costs involved with the rinks is installation, de-rig and logistics.

What is included?

  • Synthetic Ice Skating Rink
  • Interlocking Barrier System
  • Travel, Install and De-rig
  • Quality Ice Skates
  • Penguin Skate Aid Scooters
  • Pa System
  • Rink Lighting
  • Experienced Staff (if required)
  • Rubber Protective Matting
  • Bench Seating
  • Skate Racks
  • Skate Sharpener
  • 10m liability Insurance
  • Provision of Risk and Method statements
  • Up to 7 hours daily operational hours (if staffed)
Ice Rink Hire in a shopping centre.
An Ice Rink in a garden centre.
Outdoor Ice Rinkwith fairy lights.

Staffed or Dry Hired?

We can provide fully trained staff of which at least 1 will be a first aider. Our staff will be responsible for the day to day running of the rink and skate distribution and maintenance. This option is for a total hassle free event.

A dry hired rink is the more common option. Our staff provide training over the first few days of operation ensuring the rink is run on the correct and safe manner so guarantee peace of mind and a first class event.

Ice Rink Extras

  • Marquees

We can offer a full marquee cover for the entire rink or just the skate changing area

  • White Picket Fencing

We can provide white picket fencing to go around the skate changing area or the entire rink.

  • Generator Hire

As a part of our package we can supply large 50kva generators and power distribution for the whole event.

Looking For High Quality Ice Rink Hire?

If you are looking for quality Ice Rink Hire, please visit our contact page. We are sure to have an ice rink package that will meet your event requirements perfectly

Indoor Ice Rink at a Christmas Party
An ice rink hire at butlins.