Synthetic Ice Rink Hire

Indoor Ice RInk HIre at shopping centre
Busy indoor Ice Rink

At Hi5 events we specialize in Mobile Synthetic Ice Rink Hire. Our Ice Rinks can be built quickly and easily in any location or venue. Synthetic Ice Rink Hire is available nationwide and globally.

More about our Synthetic Ice Rink Hire services:

What is Synthetic Ice Rink Hire

Synthetic Ice is Artificial Ice which is made from 1x1m 18mm thick, high density, low friction plastic sheets. Due to the incredibly low friction of these sheets our Ice Rinks produce a real Ice Skate like experience. The sheets connect via a H tong which means once connected they form a strong and seamless joint. Normal standard Ice Skates are used on the surface. The Ice Rink sections are 1 meter square in size which allow us to build the Ice Rink any size or shape to fit the venue or client’s requirements.

Ice Rink Barriers System

The Ice Rink barrier system is made from tough PVC plastic which stands at 1 meter high. The barrier feet connect directly into the rink floor so the barriers are effectively free standing but remain strong a ridge.

Chrsitmas Ice Rink Hire
Ice Rink Hire in a shopping centre.
Outdoor Ice Rink Hire being prepared

Branding/ Advertising

With the Ice Rink being of an eye-catching nature, the barriers create the perfect advertising or sponsorship area. We offer a branding service in which we can produce vinyl graphics to wrap the barriers to create brand awareness or an additional revenue potential.

Advantages of Synthetic Ice Rinks

Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks are perfect for events which need to be installed simply, quickly and de-rigged in the same format. As the rink is manufactured from plastic there is no chance of the rink melting and the Ice Rink can be operational immediately after install. The Ice Rinks can be used in any weather hot or cold come rain or shine.

Go Green & Eco Friendly

In a world where energy efficiency and global warming have become a real concern our Ice Skating Rinks are energy conscious and environmentally friendly. With no use for large generators or chillers our Ice Rinks are much more cost effective.

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Key facts about Synthetic Ice Rinks

  • Can be built to size
  • Rink can be used in Any weather
  • No large expensive generators or chillers
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Safer skating experience
  • No large water bills
  • Low carbon footprint

Looking For High Quality Ice Rink Hire?

If you are looking for quality Ice Rink Hire, please visit our contact page. We are sure to have an ice rink package that will meet your event requirements perfectly

Outdoor Ice Rink Hire for Christmas Fair
Indoor Ice Rink Hire for Christmas